Todo/futurefeature/requirements List


how about posting/pinning a TODO-List, which lists all features/requirements of future releases, their priority and (if known) planned realisation?

This would give the user a good overview and prevents doubleposts, questions when which thing will be ready, as well as if an own idea for an improvement has already been posted or not.

This list could be like this:

Feature | Short Description | Priority | (planned) Release |  
Midi-Dump Save/Load Midi Dumps in a Song High 1.3  
EMU-Import Loading EMU-Samples - not planned  


Atm I would give an arm and a leg for a list like that because I haven’t got the time anymore to read all the posts on the board…

Starting to feel a bit left behind.

Good idea :)

Yep agree if it wouldn`t take up too much time of the developers!