Toggle Automation Recording

When I’m not paying attention, I often (accidentally) record MIDI-mapped parameters while entering notes. I forget that I’m in edit-mode, turn some knobs, and, after a while, discover that I was recording automation data all over the place. Then I have to go and clean up the mess I just made.

Here’s the catch: I don’t need to record any of my mapped parameters. I mostly map parameters for performance oriented stuff, such as controlling track volumes, and any such mappings should be free from automation (a bit like the point behind the pre/post mixer)

So, I would consider it a great workflow enhancement to be able to disable automation recording while in edit mode, either on a global or per-controller basis.

For example,
global could read “[x] record automation data” in the preferences -> midi panel,
local could read “[x] record automation data” in the MIDI mapping dialog.
Personally, I’d prefer the global mode

Sounds usefull, now make the option MIDI-mappable :D and you can hold a button on the Midi controller to record an automation.

THAT would be absolutely insane!! :w00t:

yes that would rock my world (and my world is ROCKING because of renoise 2 :dribble: )