Toggle Between Old And New Scopes.

I like pretty much everything about version 2.7. Lissajous took some time getting used to, but now I appreciate being able to see if my track needs to be made less flat. And it looks cool. Would still appreciate the space freed going towards expanding the spectrum a little, but oh well.

I find it way harder to get used to the new scopes, however. It is indeed comfortable when I need to check what the synth’s waveform looks like, it works well enough in track scopes to see where the melody is (more or less - it doesn’t work with complex sounds), and it’s smart enough to not try and sync when the amount of zero crossings goes past a certain threshold.
But it’s very hard to work with it when I’m sequencing drums, especially synthesized ones. Basically, whenever a sine-based bass hits it syncs to that and the wave stops running. I’m used to seeing drum hits “running along”, gives me a feel for what’s going on. Also, when I’m using detuned synth, it kinda syncs then runs along and switches like that all the time. Seeing it in track scopes makes me subconsciously feel as if there’s graphical lag going on, even though I know my PC can handle Renoise’s GUI just fine. And that screws with my mind alright.

All in all, I can see myself taking advantage of this from time to time, but mostly it just doesn’t work for me. So I’m asking: is it possible to implement a global toggle in Preferences (that’s overkill) an option when you right-click the main scope between turning sync in all scopes on and off? Thanks!

Idea: add duration options in the menu so it wouldn’t feel as barren. Like, let us choose between whatever setting it is now, 250 ms of a wave, shorter or longer…

(I tried searching for this on the forums, by the way; didn’t find anything. Strange, I thought it would bug more people…)

I don’t get it.

The way the scopes are animated has changed?

All I see in the changelog is “Track and master scopes synced to zero crossings for better readability” but never noticed any obvious change in the animation except that it felt faster.

Someone explain this to me?

/old man n00b

The scopes now lock the signal display at zero crossing whenever possible.

I rely upon scopes a real lot to get visual feedback - as much as the spectrum analyzer - which may explain why you didn’t notice it whereas I did.

I know this probably sounds like nitpicking and whining, and a fix most likely won’t be implemented due to that, but this change disturbs me more than it’s helping me, as detailed above.

There already is a hidden option for this:

  • open Renoise
  • click on “Help” -> “Show the preferences Folder”
  • close Renoise
  • open config.xml in a text editor and change

to ->

  • start Renoise again

Oh snap (no pun intended)! I knew there’s got to be a hidden config file somewhere, but didn’t know where to find it! Thanks a lot! :)