Toggle Plugin Windows

I often find myself with a couple of plugin windows open, which becomes annoying when I want to enter some notes because I have to drag the windows to one side, or close them and them open them again. Therefore I want to create a keyboard shortcut that toggles all open plugin windows.

I found these two properties:[1].plugin_properties.plugin_device.external_editor_visible[1].devices[2].external_editor_visible

So all I have to do is go through all instrument and devices and save the ones where the external editor is open. But if I have one plugin window on top of another, I would like it to still be on top after toggling on and off. So basically Im looking for a way to find out which external editor is on top at any given moment. I couldn’t figure out a way to do this. Anyone got any ideas?

I doubt if this is possible at all even from within Renoise itself.

what OS? i think just using a general OS tool would suffice. yeah its not redistributable within a renoise tool, but it should work for you.

Trying to make this happen with some tool outside of Renoise is an interesting idea. I’m running Windows 7.

if it were an older windows i’d say autohotkeys…but i’m sure one of the following things might work. i’m not that familiar with win7. windows on top of other windows

Thanks. I’ll check it out.