Tokyo Dawn Records Relaunched!

Can’t describe the level of happiness I’m experiencing now that I found out TDR is back. One of my all time favorite record labels. Anyone remember? Any favorite TDR-releases?

They officially relaunched almost a year ago, but somehow I managed to miss it entirely.

Good music: Tokyo Dawn Records

Inspired me to start working on a chillout album.

Awesome!! Great news indeed :D

that’s very good news indeed, thanks for spreading!

Not much left from the former crew I used to know though. :(
Anyway, great to see a label I was addicted to for a long tme coming back from the ashes.

btw. Resound -> isn’t that Krii? :blink:

Thanks everybody for all the flowers!

Hey ptrance, we’re still the same people, we just aged a little bit, haha ;)

many things changed, but we’re still in contact with most artists and definitely work on new stuff with them. Just give us some time to grow up again! Ooops just saw Saine in another thread? You’re here?

Resound is Krii, yes. And he’s very alive, now also releasing tracks on Metallheadz ;)

BTW, Tokyo Dawn really loves Renoise: The Bus Compressor and Maximizer were my work, I hope you’re using these daily!

yeah, thanks! and now that your comment made me look them up in the manual I might actually be able to put them to good use, as well :lol:

Still playing some old tdr dnb tracks, and some mixes one guy did of the best tracks too. Always rad! Didn’t know Krii was Resound. Good to hear that :)

Hey Fabs! Yes I’m lurking around here… :slight_smile:

I’m also VERY excited to see Tokyo Dawn alive again, it was a long wait but it was worth it. I already loved the re-release of the classic Bram Nelson tracks (it’s been a while since I had listened to those) and the new Comfort Fit album is the dopest hiphop-release I’ve heard this year.

Fabien btw, Renoise could use a nice native transient designer. :wink: Ok ok I know, keeping busy hehe…