Tokyodawn Is Back

tokyo dawn soullabs.
established 1997.

we’re back online! check out our comeback offer:

-15 new songs online for free download, in full length & high quality!
feat. antenna/blaktroniks, blue eyes, bossanoble, bram nelson, causes &
comfort fit, defcon5, jahcoozi, lars behrenroth, mentz, move-d, saine, twice…

  • TDRLP01 ‘practice avoiding mistakes lp’ is soon shipping!
    20 superspecial exclusives made with loots of tender loving care.
    feat. anthony e. baggette, alicia rene (aka blue eyes), bazooka joe gotti,
    causes & forces, comfort fit, dharma one, dj opossum, jukka eskola (/nu
    spirit helsinki),
    krii (resound), leeroy brown, saine, the groove guerrilla and many others…
    a collectors item, distributed by groove attack! street date: 17/11/03.

->‘hiphop record of the month’ according to dj magazine nov03:
" (…) unbelievable, how homogenic and warm all this sounds. those who
have de la soul,
tribe or hitek close to their hearts will be delighted about these very
laidback beats (…) "

-> de-bug magazine nov03: "the netlabel which really did tons for the
scene (…)
a very deep record, which should be a greater must for all lovers of
soulmusic than the latest
erykah badu. "

  • redesigned webpage, remastered backstock releases for free
    , plus lots of bonus

material to read and view …

music first!

Wow. Super slick site there. Checking the choons now…

YAY!!! :drummer: :yeah: :)

So what’s the story? Does Tokyodawn use renoise?

I didn’t get to hear the songs :unsure: winamp wont play .ram files… damnit

yeah, I and saine do use renoise. prymer still uses ft2 because his PC is like 8 years old, mentz is still buzzing, krii and most others have huge hardware-setups.

Prymer still uses FT2?? Not bad, Just like a friend of mine, only he doesn’t use Renoise cos the resolution is too big, he’s got really bad eyesight and FT2s resolution is just right for him.

I’d go FT2 from time to time too, if I didn’t have WinXP… Nice to retro a little from time to time. :)

By the way, looza aren’t you member of TDR too? I did guess that because you have the url in your footer :)

And prymer = formerly known as assign ,right? I am not shure anymore about that :)


yeah prymer=assign and yeah, I am still a member of TDRm altough I am abit in the back at the moment, didnt have much time in the last dozens of months and all that … but I will come back to attention ;)

Ive been waiting for this!

Nice! …but heavy on my 56k connection.

(and still an incomplete songlist ;) )