Tom Teel - Strg (cie Remix)

A remix from Tom Teels Strg.

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Original and other remixes from different artists can be heard at labil recordings

Feedback would be nice :)

nice bassline groove that brings in the groove of the tune.
my first reaction on the hihats is that they are to loud.
cool delay filtergroove comes in and gives the snaredrum
a great welcome. dig the filter action.

the synth chord stuff that filters in and out sounds abit like junoX2.
am i right?

i like the portamento lead line that comes in. the rezy distortion
is way cool adjusted on the sound.

only thing im missing is really a bit more groving on perc variations.
and more down time with just beats and bass.
but thats just my humble opinion.
good track in general.
i dig.

Thanks for nice review. :)
Yeah you’re right, the percussions are a little bit static (hihat to loud) over the time; I try to improve next time.
The synth-sounds are made with the Microwave XT.

haven’t heard the original

but this is muoy excellente.

very groovy filter stuff. i think i’d have a great time dancing to this in a club. nice slow buildups to the melodic climax at the end.

i like!