µtonic By Sonic Charge

I’m testing the µTonic demo and I really like it. But it doesn’t change pattern when it’s supposed to IMO. If I put a note to change pattern on the first beat it seems to have like 50/50 chance to make the pattern change in time.

So have anyone got it to change pattern the way I think it should - or do you have to use a workaround like making the pattern change one tick earlier?

i use µTonic very frequently and have never had any problems, besides the fact, that it always creates a harsh attack on every instrument which sounds like a short “pop” or “click” everytime you trigger the instrument patch. however this is only audible on raw sinus basses for example… but whatever, that’s a different story.

concerning your problem:
i never used the internal pattern mode because it complicates the handling and modifcation of sounds. i prefer editing single shots which i’d recommend you as well, since you won’t encounter any sync problems then.

Ok, thanks! That sounds like a better way to handle it. I just haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I’ll see if I can work it out when I have some time over - after this weekend probably. If you like you could give me a hint on how to trigger individual sounds? - would be super nice. It’s probably easy - as said I just haven’t looked into it very much yet.

µTonic’s two different modes of operation (pattern- and non-patternmode), can be switched via two different ways:

adding the note “C-6” into renoise’s pattern editor will disable µTonic’s pattern mode and therefore enable its “single-shot-mode”. this will be indicated by the stop button to become lit and the play button, which stops flashing.
the same result can be achieved by just clicking the stop button manually, via mouse.
you are now able to trigger the eight single drum/percussion patches via notes ranging from C-3 till G-3, whereas C-3 corresponds to Patch I, C#3 to Patch II, D-3 to Patch III, and so forth…

triggering notes ranging from C-5 till B-5 will re-enable µTonic’s internal pattern-mode again, which might cause confusion if you’re having a solid session because then µTonic will play the notes triggered internally via its patterns and the single shots you trigger via renoise’s patterns.

however you can always check which mode you’re in by taking a look at the GUI’s indicators in the lower left corner (the stop / play buttons, see above).

Thanks a lot!

I looked and found the manual now :P - will read it after the weekend. I’m a bit curious about the best way to trigger acc and fill functions in single-shot-mode, couldn’t see anything about it when I browsed through the manual quickly. I’ll probably end up buying this plug, it’s really cool.