Tonight, Webradio-liveset By A Mate & Me

howdy everyone,

i want to invite you to a livecast stream this evening on radio “quintessenz”.
the stream (audio + video (nsv)) will start at about 20:00 CET till open end (guess 23:00-00:00 it’ll be through)

the performance will be split into three sets

  1. electro-techno/house set
  2. my own music
  3. detroit techno set

the main page of the radio station is currently offline, but here’s a temporary one:

direct stream url: (up against 20:00 CET)

so i’m keeping my fingers crossed for tonight, hope you’ll do the same ;)


thanks to marc shake, a recording of the stream can be downloaded here


Don’t forget the obligatory shout-outs live on the air.


:D :blink:

sounds cool, guess I will be there. is there a chat or something for listeners ? for requests and such. :P

set rocks so far, chät on #quintessenz /

Argh. Can’t get it to play here.

you need winamp, its with video.

Tuned in a few moments ago. Almost forgot about the damn thing, d’oh! Pretty funky stuff so far though.

Mr. 303 looks anxious, heh :D


As looza mentioned, try it with WinAmp. You will probably need the Nullsoft video add-on which it comes with the full installation and I think it can be downloaded separately also.

Ok thanks, I’m on. Bring back the hawaiian chip tune!

damn! I missed it! should look here more often.

thanks to those who came on by and tuned in to the little show.
hope you had some fun, i sure had some =)
…although my dj-ing mate has overdone the whole thing “a bit”, especially during the detroitish set… well, he’s usually just spinning vinyl and got a bit over-excited by all the knobs routed to glitch i guess … :D

i always look anxious when i know looza is watching me heh

i have a copy of the stream (video+audio) lying on my HD.
it’s 383MB in size but unfortunately i don’t know where to upload it as my webspace is limited to 100MB.
if anybody knows a space to make this public on, i’ll make the upload in no time.

Keith, you have a PM (i guess)

guess i’ll choose megaupload as two splits are better than four and you can also download multiple files in a row without having to change the IP or wait for several hours. thanks for the tip bantai!
will take some time until the files are up though, my upload bandwidth is 24kb/s so 4,5 hrs is the minimum it will take argh … gonna upload it tonight.

So, I can close the ftp-access I made up for you ;)

nooo please dont, i read your post after i wrote mine… you should have PM as well ?! :)

So, the stuff will be available until next friday. Keith will announce it here :)

Nice. Looking forward to it. :)

I can mirror the file too to help share the load.

Here is another offer for a mirror. :)

i have just finished uploading the NSV.
you will need winamp 5.x (or any other NSV capable player) to watch/hear it.

so here’s the link

@marc shake, dblue & beatslaughter
thanks for your support!

i hope those who haven’t seen it yet don’t expect too much… i think especially the video might become a bit tedious on the long run.
the entire mix will last aprx. 4 hrs.

have fun :walkman: