Snatched some curious post from the MED mailinglist (quote taken from Ray’s post dunno if that was added as signature or just purposely pasted in it) …
We have some star-names in the cast mentioned below…

Well, at least some nice free advertising for MED wouldn’t we think?

As far as I can tell, he’s referring to this username and his one post, out of nowhere - the other users also make his shit list for bad mouthing him. But not as much as Tonsillor.

To be honest, I would leave the author of MED alone. It’s his business, let him run it how he wants.

If you don’t like the way he runs it, you are free to not give him any money. That’s how the economy works.

When I pay for a coffee, I don’t pay for a mythical future version of some cup of coffee, I pay for the one I get at the time, I drink it, and move on.

That is one thing, but i do think that Ray could use some motivational butt-kicks to continue developing.
If doing it the nice way does not work, then some choose for doing it the hard way unfortunately.
Besides, we need some good competition around ;)

When I pay for a ‘Web v0.5’ site laden with animated gifs, I’D BETTER NOT GET A PROFESSIONAL LOOKING WEB 2.0 SITE, DAMNIT!!!

Kicking a confused old man is kinda petty though. That guy is a tool, no amount of motivation is going to change that. Schadenfreude sucks.

It’s a car crash and we’re rubbernecking, period.

I meant positive buttkicking. The only trouble in this world is, there are also folks that rather do buttkicking on the opposite.
I just hope he holds his ass above the right feet.