Tool Gui Drawn Incorrectly In Rc1?

Print My Chords

In RC1 my Print My Chords tool is not rendering the GUI properly. The bottom is cut off where it used to auto-resize to the length of a string, put into vb.views. The string contains newlines for each chord so the GUI would extend downwards. Not sure if this is a bug or something that has changed in the API and I need to update my script?


vb.views["text"].text = variable_length_string  

line 366 in script:

vb.views["text"].text = vb.views["text"].text.."\n "..formatted_line..": "..numeral  

3055 CropperCapture1.png


3056 CropperCapture2.png

Yay, there have been made various changes to the aligners. I’ve tested them as good as possible with many tools but obviously missed something.

In your case the top level vertical aligner is in the way. It’s not really doing anything because all the content is stacked by the main column already.
Using this as your main layout should do the trick:

local dialog_content = vb:column {   
 margin = 4,  
 spacing = 4,  
 vb:column {  
 style = "group",  
 margin = 4,  
 vb:row {  
 vb:text {  
 text = "Key "  
 -- and so on  


thanks for the snippet!