[Tool Idea] Groove tool

This might actually have been done, but…
how about converting sample slice markers into a delay column format for quantiseing tracks…like lives groove function…could have presets then…

Good idea, it’s something I have thought of but never got around to doing… You can sort of do this using dblue’s slices to pattern tool and then copying the delay values into a group master track, everything in the group would then have that groove.

But yeah a dedicated tool would be better… this would be a good starter project for anyone thinking about making tools.

ha, dont look at me, i couldnt start a fight with a nazi.

lol… nah, was just saying generally… most of the heavy lifting for this has already been done in slices to pattern so would be easy to pick up and thus make it a good starter project

It might need some work to work explicitly with slices, but if you would just put your slice attached notes into your track, the groove tool should do its work anyway.

aha, the pieces are coming together…