[tool idea] have 'render to sample' rename instrument to track

A tool suggestion that I hope is possible, also handy for others;

I’m using the render to sample option in the pattern editor a lot lately and this creates a bunch of ‘New Sample XX’ entries in the instrument list in each song. Either you have to manually rename the sounds after rendering or preview the sounds to know what’s what.

I would like a script (with keyboard shortcut) that does the same as the current render to sample, but instead of the vague ‘New Sample’ name entry, renames the instrument to the particular track (and/or optionally pattern) name and appends the used vst’s of that track to the name.

So for example rendering a pattern editor selection in a channel called ‘amen’, could render the instrument name to; ‘amen (lofiMat, RoughRider, mpReverb)’,

Perhaps appending the track name with a lot of vsts used isn’t the prettiest solution, resulting in large names. Maybe in those cases vst names can be abbreviated? Or more details, fx names and even used presets can be stored in the ‘instrument info & comment’ dialog window?

Yes, that’s possible and not very difficult. Rendering can be done from the API, so you just have to set the appropriate mute states before rendering.