Tool Idea: Looping


Sorry if this idea is not very original.

I’ve been watching Reggie Watts’ shows and have been inspired to try something similar.

Could a tool be designed for Renoise to take care of live recording, instant looped playback, plus effects do you think?


Aha a beardy-man module? sounds like a fun tool…
Perhaps Cells could be adjusted a tad bit to do just that…

No reason to re-invent the wheel : Duplex Recorder.
Quoting from the recent roundup of sequencer alternatives:

It doesn’t come with any built-in effects, but that’s because you should create your own setup - right?

Superb! Will give it ago.

thank you :)

Hey, I forgot to link to the manual - it located here (PDF document)
Perhaps it can give you some ideas :slight_smile:

I had a look through that too, it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for.

Would a microphone being recorded through a track be effected real-time by any inserted FX?

Yeah, if that’s what you want you can choose any track and record the sample using those effects, or you can monitor the recording through a particular track but end up with a dry recording. Look at the recording dialog, the features are all there:

In the Recorder context, it’s not perfect though - if you want to add effects to the signal AND record into multiple tracks, you have to add the same (or perhaps just similar-sounding) effect to all involved tracks.

Or maybe you can live with the recording sounding like one thing while recording? For example, recording a dry signal or effected signal, which end up in a track with a different type of DSP… This could be used creatively, but a bit of a stretch…

Once the Renoise API allows such FX switching in the recording dialog, I will of course update the tool.

This all sounds like lots of fun - thanks very much.