[Tool Idea] Macro Automation Sequencer In Phrases

(Psynapsex) #1

How cool would that be?

Seems like it would be possible.

(danoise) #2

Do you mean something that configures the macros so you can have automation within phrases?

I mean, I’ve demonstrated how this can be done in this post over at Tips & Tricks :


So, streamlining this somehow?

(Psynapsex) #3

Yes, like to see something that shortcuts that whole process.

There’s already a variety if alternative sequencers within pattern arranger. Thought it would be nice to have an alternative for the phrase section focused on the macros.

Like an 8-track drawable LFO or something of that nature. Each phrase could have its own unique set of automation.

Would be ideal if it could do polyrhythm that extend beyond the phrase (like legato), and an option for a one shot.