[Tool Idea] Param Linker

So I’ve got this idea about creating device routings simply by editing their names…

For example, you might want to set up a signal follower device in track 01 and link it to a few other devices?

Easy - add the signal follower and assign this as the name:

>> SFW

This tell us that this device wants to export its routings using the name ‘SFW’

Next, go to a track in where you want to use the signal follower. For example, track 03.

Add a gainer device and name it

<< SFW>Panning

This will take the exported routing and link it to the Gainer parameter called Panning

And this the moment where you should realize that the tool is useful. Because, we’ve just established a routing ‘in reverse’.

Usually, you’d have to go back to the signal follower in track 01 and make it point here. Or create the gainers in advance, and

then link them up as you add the signal follower.

Now, if we had multiple routings called SFW, you could be more specific by including the name of the track:

<< TrackName/SFW>Gain

Or perhaps it could be numbered too, like this:

<< SFW(2)>Gain

Anyway, the name is getting a bit complex. If you don’t like how it looks, the tool could offer a way to assign an alternative (“display”) name.

To hide the name, simply provide the alternative name at the end, prefixed with a colon. For example, this is displayed as “Short Name” in Renoise.

<< TrackName/Input>Gain : Short Name

This works with any device name, as Renoise interpretes the device name in a special way.

Not sure I would want to hide the names myself though - I’ve been using a similar syntax in my own songs for years, because I often use complex routings, and can get a bit lost - a proper naming convention really helps here.

What do you think of this idea? Something you’d use, or am I just catering to my own needs here?

I think it would be a bit tedious to deal with device names. Maybe there is some benefit that I’m missing.

Thinking ideally, it would be nice with a GUI where you connect cables between devices (similar to Reason racks), but that would be almost impossible to make in viewbuilder. So I’m trying to imagine what would be the most useful solution atm.

There was this tool that I think could assign routings in reverse (maybe “meta mate”, unless that only did it forwards). Here is a mockup with a suggestion on how to expand upon your/that idea with a GUI. It could be brought up with a shortcut, acting on the selected device. I think this would be a very nice helper.

The “Modulator” popup would list all available meta devices that aren’t routed yet (special handling for the hydra).

The “Create modulator” popup would route and insert a meta device in front of the selected device.

The magnifier button would transport you to the meta device.

Maybe this would be a better alternative, otherwise feel free to dismiss!

I think it would be a bit tedious to deal with device names. Maybe there is some benefit that I’m missing.

Well, visual feedback would actually be the no.1 reason… the name is always there, on the device itself. It tells you where the signal is coming from, and where it’s going. Any GUI would have a hard time competing with that :slight_smile:

But, like I mentioned, this is also a personal convention I’ve developed over the years. I’ve been typing in those “<<” and “>>” in my devices - even without a tool connecting the dots for me.

So, I simply see this tool as a natural extension of that workflow. But it’s not without shortcomings - not sure how I would deal with multiple routings in a single device, for example.


Sidenote: I had an idea of a device name tool (like the “auto colors” method), that would keep device names updated according to user rules. This would be quite nice if you want names like “Locut 60hz”, “Comp 1:3”, improving overview in the mixer by telling what devices are doing. Your idea of naming would fit as an %operator in such a scheme.

Maybe you also plan to auto-setup hydras, if the same meta source is referenced more than once?