Tool Idea: Render To Mp3

Now that Conner made the render to soundcloud tool I thought it would be nice to have a render to mp3 tool.

Is this possible? Perhaps with the LAME encoder?

Bumping an old thread. :yeah: :drummer:

Yes, Im working on such tool for Renoise V3.
First some bugs needs to be killed, but the framework is almost ready.

On the first release it will simple render a song to MP3 without effects.

  • Normalize
  • Bitrates settings (default 256)
  • More export formats
    Flac, AIFF and OGG (maybe more in the future)
  • Mastering Effects
  • Position render to different formats.

Nice :drummer:

I did an ogg rendering tool, but deleted it from my dropbox. Anyone got it?


wish you had the source somewhere?