[tool idea] right click sample in Renoise -> "similarity searc

Ok, this will be impossible, but who knows? :slight_smile:

I have Renoise & Sononym open at the same time and can drag in sounds from Sononym into the instrument list, cool. But how about the other way around?

For example; I want to search for sounds that I can layer with a particular resonant-ish beat in Renoise. Right now I must render the beat from the pattern editor into a sample, save the sample somewhere on my harddisk -> re-scan this folder(library) so the sound is indexed in Sononym before a similarity search can be started.

Ideally Renoise should get the Sononym engine in the diskop :yeah: :drummer: B), but as this is inception material :wink: , perhaps some automated workaround can be achieved? A tool which will save the sample into a small temp library (which location the user can define) which is automatically offered to Sononym for inspection. Dunno if Sononym accepts some commandline wizardry?

Ok, this will be impossible

Currently, yes. You can launch Sononym straight into a similarity search, but it’s not possible to automate the whole process, start-to-end

But you’re not alone in this line of thinking: this is what one of my friends brought up when trying out Sononym:

“So I can take this Renoise song I have and automatically let Sononym find the closest matches for every single sample in the song?”

I went :eek: (in a good way!)

At that time, I had been thinking that yes, it could be cool to have some degree of control over the application.

But to pull off what my friend suggested… that’s would be scripting on an entirely different level (and yes, this is what I’d personally want ever since that fateful day)

But to be fair, anything that will enable such advanced interactions will require careful planning.

And an important part of that is to create these fictional scenarios: “wouldn’t it be cool if…”