Tool Idea: Tidy Subtracks

I am not a coder so I thought i would post a tool idea in case anyone else wants to do some work ^_^

When entering midi data with a midi keyboard in “chord mode”, the notes will be placed left to right according to which one you press first on your keyboard.

Wouldn’t it be neat with a tool that organized any notes on the same row from left to right starting with the lowest one? This is the most usual way to enter chords in a tracker, and would make editing a bit easier in wait for a piano roll :rolleyes:

(Even better if it was a native feature in Renoise - the ability to choose placing by pitch or by delay when entering midi in chord mode. Today, even when quantization is on it is still ‘random’ (by delay). Not sensible.

+1 Has been suggested before.

Here`s one I made earlier…

it has a keybinding for the current track in pattern “Re-Order Notes By Pitch

renoise beta 2.7 version:
1836 2_7Re-order Notes.xrnx

And if you haven`t seen it already, you might find a use for ticky roll:


Thanks, Ledger. Your tools seems great and i just downloaded a bunch of them. Small features but very practical.

Sorry for my double posting.

Glad they are useful for you!

Hi Ledger. Just tried this tool and found it does not respect note lengths.

For example:

A —

— E

Off Off





Is this a known limitation?

Yes afraid so for the moment. I never released this one officially, but may re-visit it some time.

Noted as a feature request.