Tool Tips Are Missing Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve forgotten many of the keyboard shortcuts so easiest way to usually find them is to hover the mouse over a button and read the tool tip.

Couldn’t remember the one for changing Edit Step up/down so I hovered the mouse there and there is no shortcut shown. A bit of experimentation trying to find/remember it and I noticed I’ve changed octave. Hover over the button to change octave down and again no keyboard shortcut shown.

Now these can be found through going into Preferences -> Keys (and has shown me the nice double/half Edit Step I didn’t know about) so can still be found but most other Tool Tips have the keyboard shortcut if there is one. May be more than these two areas I have noticed missing it but they are all I’ve come across so far.

Yay. All other buttons have exactly one shortcut, those have two or more (increase and decrease the value, set step to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 and so on). Thats why they currently don’t show the shortcut(s).

So this was not left out by accident, but because its not possible to show them right now in this case. Let us please take care of this some when later, but not now please…

Fair enough. Usable as it, just thought they’d somehow been missed.