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Newsflash dd 17/01/2013
the beatcreators will not have the newest version of everything automatically, so I still have to figure out a way to have the tools linked there, update without too much of a hassle (editing wordpress pages equals a hassle, yeah)
so the page for all newest version (except codeheads that can and want to checkout from git), is now a dropbox folder

(Old) Announcement
this topic won’t be updated anymore, since the forum is just not the place for it. Most recent versions online will always be first on Beatcreators, and Renoise Tools page follows for some official tools. The amount that’s on the (official renoise) tools page will grow over time. For the real lua geeks you can find them all on GitHub: weblink - please notify me still via this forum if you want to use anything.

just wanted all of you to know there’s an update to Overtune… better said, it’s replacing the old one, although it’s got a new package name and KB shortcut name, so before I get it up on the Tools page I’ll be sure to first update that. Anyways, what does it do now?
It gives possibility to render many repeats of the tune ‘cycle’ and for a new variable, T. This T is guaranteed to just walk from 0.0 to 1.0 over the course of all these repeats (called ‘times’). The version I have now will be on my tools page at my blog. All instruments from Overtune 1 will be loaded and correctly converted. The T var gives a clear way of introducing some ‘LFO’ applications like the ‘LFO’ params in the old ReSynth2 - anyway you can see how it works a little bit in the new pack. There’s also an O var you can use that give the (integer) current step/repeat. It might change in the (float) current repeat step in the future… One other thing is that the window is way broader than it was in V1, see more of the formula in the window… And of course, with larger values of times #, the rendering step takes longer and longer.

next steps for Overtune:

  • make it actually tune properly on 44.1KHz and even moreso, on other samplerates
  • a separate tool to cut up and randomize the repeats order (something with zero crossing detection, too)
  • a overtune add-on that makes a merge-formula where a Overtune1-instr merges into a Overtune2-instr

the second thing on the list is pretty well done now with the new tool ‘Mash Up’ - quick info: works very well with evenly-sliced samples, does not work (well) yet with variable slice lengths. very alpha :)/>.

Some I’ve forgotten to post, so here I’ll keep a page with most of my tools, most are simple so it’s much easier to just have one link in my sig :P/>
also some have updates
My webpage, with all the tools on it, is now officially hosted here. That means all updates are also probably first added there. Development ideas can be posted here.

If you use these, you could buy me a beer, like just paypal 1 of your currency to - only way I can keep this up while I don’t have gigs. :D/>

Thanks! :)

Thank you for these.
Can you please explain a bit of what each does and maybe rename the thread to Tools by Cas.

You think it’d be enough to just link to the creation topics?
I’ll make a site out of them soon.

Here you go:

Last note for everybody interested in further development of / usage instructions for Overtune, I’ve made a page for it here. It’s got some tricks in there already, if you know some, let me know in the comments! :D