Tools for drawing single cycle waves

and zooming in on renoise’s sample is very handy, can get some quite detailed drawing done.

I use Curve2cm, best tool for painting waves (that sounds better than almost all of raw wavs) and making further modulation. Then render it and create xrni instrument :slight_smile:

If renoise will get simple wave generator, better modulation of parameters, i wont need it :-).

I have no idea how to use puredata, but i really need to find out how many samples i should use for different tones. Can you perhaps tell me the formula how to calculate this at 44100Hz sample rate and bit depth 16?
I use this page for reference and it shows both hertz value and wavelenght in cm:
I imagine the cm value would be perfect to calculate this, but i’m not shure how it relates. How many mm is one sample?

Edit: Doh, stupid me! You already posted the formula here:

Thanks! Didn’t think it was that easy.

Hmm let’s see, how do i convert this into cm? Oh, well, doesn’t really need that. :P

Back to my project that now has escalated to the idea of drawing 480 different single cycle samples in one instrument. Damn, what a bad idea. :lol:

Audio-Term is a free program that some single cycle users might be interested in. Is kind of intended to be used to generate wavetables, but each cycle can be saved individually. So, you can easily make an evolving set of single cycles to use in your renoise or any .wav reading instruments.

Anyway, it has additive waveform building and some obscure (to me)transformation functions, blurring, filters, stuff and a wavedrawer.

Called term for a reason and looks and acts like some old, ancient 80s program all green monochrome and fairlight evocative. But is not old, latest update had files from Dec. 2013 in it. Only hard to use in the sense that it ignores any modern user interface conventions.

That looks great!

You got a latest link? Google doesn’t give me good results, not an official site for it afaik?

Hmm, yeah. He hangs around KVR a lot and usually puts up links in his sig now. Check this thread at KVR and look for a guy named blacktomcat. Maybe it’s not exactly what some people are looking for, but I think it might work well as an axillary tool for some.

Thanks, dl’d it from his sig.

Id recommend taking a look at audiosculpt. It’s not for the faint of heart and the licensing scheme is a bit pricey but if you know what you’re doing it’s incredibly powerful. I use it to create waveforms for my wavetable hardware synths.
If you just want to draw freeform waveforms and don’t want to pay for anything just use Audacity.

wOOOww double wow
Audioterm is amazing

It’s partially based on the ppg wavetable …
But the main reason was for creating wavetables for terratec komplexer , and now also vember audio surge , and blofeld