Tools In 2.7

I had the tool for the batch change sample properties and the sample slicer in 2.6 and have recently reformatted my PC and installed v2.7.

Will these work in 2.7 or do I have to revert back to v2.6?


Batch changing sample properties is now supported natively in 2.7. Just select multiple samples in the list in Instrument Properties, and then make your changes to volume, panning, transpose, etc.

The Sample Slicer tool has been updated by It-Alien, so there are versions for both 2.6 and 2.7.

2.7 now also has its own native Slice Markers that you may find more useful for certain purposes.


I just got around to watching the video for 2.7 and it was full of those ‘ahhhhh’ moments :D

Gotta say, this new version is looking very impressive!