Tools Section Of The New Website

I like the new website, but the Tools section doesn’t seem to work. I want to update one of my tools, but I have no idea how to go about this. There is a ‘submit new tool’, but it just takes me to a page which says ‘acces denied’.

Never mind, I found it. It would be useful if instead of an access denied message you got a login or registration form. Also, I’d give the link to the login form a more prominent place, maybe at the top of the submit page instead of in the text.

Things have changed.

  1. Goto:

  2. Read



Still, I think it could be more user-friendly, see above. I think a login button should be easy to find, without having to ‘carefully’ read a page to find the link. And I wouldn’t have missed the ‘Link does not work’ text if it were presented after I had clicked the link.

We’re trying to use a little bit of ‘tough love’ here, I guess.

The point is that a tool developer should take the time to carefully read the page, in order to fully understand the process behind packaging a tool and submitting it to the site.

Once you understand the process, then it hopefully it’s never a problem for you again.

Well, I guess it works, then. ;)

Anyway, it’s no big deal, I’ll know what to do from now on.