Tooltips! An obvious tip...

can be obvious to most of us, but maybe not to everyone

when you wonder about the function of a button, try leaving the mouse cursor over it for a second: a tooltip explaining it will appear in most cases

what would make that tooltip thing even more useful would be to have a little keyboard command string under it to show howto so the same ting only on the keyboard & not to use the mouse.

wow! this would indeed be useful :lol:
post it in the feature request forum. :)

Alas, Windows doesn’t work that way.
Unless the tooltip function is natively rewritten inside Renoise, but i suspect the ordinary GUI API is being used.

I don’t know how this works on the Mac though.

i dont know if what i typed made sense, i think Sqeetz understood but i worded it funny.
i mean like when you move the mouse over the function button and when the tooltip pops up, instead of it only saying what the button does, it would also show the keyboard command string (ctrl + alt + shift …etc)

after reading your post i’m a bit confused with the idea.

ah, okay so the reason why it wouldnt work is because users can change the keyboard commands. an since they can be changed, the tooltips would then need to be dynamically changed accordingly everytime a user changes a keyboard command in the settings.

thinking about it further tho, tooltips indeed have an off an on button. so since this would primarily be for new users maybe it could be a selectable entity?

Okay i misunderstood your post then.
I interpreted the idea of adding links to help-files or popup tips within the tooltip. This part is not possible.

Ofcourse displaying shortcut-keys in the tooltip is possible. With some trickery maybe even the relevant shortcuts (meaning changed by the user so, different from the defaults)

now i’m confused too. choice, i understood your post as ironic, because it keyboard shortcuts already are displayed in the tooltips.
and it’s pretty flexible too. when you change the shortcuts in the configs, the new assigned shortcuts are displayed in 'em. pretty cool.

Yeah you got me pretty confused there as well, thinking I was using some kind of übernew secret version, since the tooltip explains the keys to me. :)

Btw, doesn’t anyone else miss the ability to toggle the “loop pattern” (next to the play-button) with a key?

ALT GR works for me