Tooth For The Crime

Hey renoise peeps, just finished (?) a new tune.

Any tips on mixing/mastering/production would be highly appreciated!

Don’t be shy! Compliments and insults are just as important :)

Download it here
Tooth for the Crime
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Lyrics by Mounir Slimane

This is good and fun! I like the geeky futuristic hip hop feel, with a fair dose of industrial, while still being cute. I love how sick the vocals are.

Only mix element I’d immediately change is the high-hats… Just LP them with a 12db slope around 6k.

Hey Foo?, yeah it does sound kinda geeky with the “pop” from the ilo-synth. Wasn’t sure if I was gonna change it or what.

Anyway, I’ll follow your advice and LP the hi-hats

Thanks for the comments :)
Appreciate it

Nice to see you are back with a new song! Allways looking forward to hearing them.

Well, the song/singer (you?) is ok but a even better/tougher singer/rapper would lift the song more.

Other than that its a cool song, well done.