Top 10-15 Virtual Proccessors U Cant Live Without

Im trying to find out what type of dynamic processors,time based processors, and mastering plugins people like to use?

I use these, but I’m not very picky:

Mastering plugins: Izotope ozone, PSP Vintagewarmer2, Native maximizer.

Delay: Renoise native or Echoboy (for not having to setup a send all the time you need a processed delay).

Reverb: I’m mainly using the oxford reverb. I started a bit with “ambience” - recommended by a lot of people, but I’m still quite clueless as to what reverb type will best suit a specific type of instrument/bus so don’t trust me.

Compressors: Alloy (channel strip), tube-tech (HW modelled) or native compressor when working quickly. I’ve heard bad stuff about the last one though.

Vocal: Izotope nectar and a couple of compressors here and there. Perhaps some paralell channel with a bit of dist (using the native)

Guitarrig for guitars or crunching leads.

Native chorus or a detuner for spatial delays.

Native EQ/filters (help me on this one?)

And above all: stereo expander for narrowing all those synth presets :)

I came very close to buying Gliss EQ at one point…

I bought PSP Nitro when it was on a No Brianer deal for $10 but can’t say I’ve ever really used it (went to Linux, then even though generally using Windows at the moment sticking almost entirely to Native.) Can’t actually see it on their Sales page at all now. Guess it might of been discontinued…

W1 Limiter
Tal-Dub-3 (Delay with filter, could we PLEASE have it directly in Renoise?)
Ozone (Good mastering limiter, spectrum analyser, eq, etc)
Renoise Filter
Tal Chorus 60 (Renoise internal chorus is pretty bad for what I do)
Renoise stereo expander for both expanding and contracting.

All TAL products are actually pretty good and I use them quite often.

I also have some Lexicon Pantheon reverb I got with some lexicon hardware device… I don’t know if it’s considered good or bad, but it sounds better than renoise internal reverb. (Although you can make renoise internal reverb pretty good too when using it on send with some additional devices)

Mastering compressor: Analogue tube. There is no substitute. However, this is OT, so…

Line comp: Crunchessor, Density mkII
EQ: Renoise EQ10 or GlissEQ, or LP10 for mastering.
Dither: Ozone
Master limiter digital: Ozone
Reverb: Ambience or EpicVerb or sometimes mpVerb
Echo: NastyDLA, Tal-Dub 3, Echo-Live, Renoise Delay
Distortion/Amp: Renoise Distortion, Ohmicide, Amplitube 3
Phase/Flange/Chorus: all Renoise plugs, but sometimes the Classic Series too.
Channel Utilities: Stereo Expander (narrorwer), Moneo, Gainer,
Filters: Filter3 and FilterBank
Special FX: dBlue Glitch and Stretch, Buffer-override, Scrubby, Skidder, Hematohm, Transverb, FM8’s Psyc-delay, mda’s tracker and leslie, and various other oddities out there.