Top 10 Feature Request-List?

ONE idea//suggestion per person incl. (different splitt personas) & opslfly:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::wink:

just saw there is a voting poll option which I will put the Top Ten suggestions in later.

One Question @joule & @OopsIFly - Your both suggestions are the same, or just similar?


I don’t think so.

Anyway I feel you should ignore posts with multiple suggestions.

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Ah sorry, I did read the initial post with strong lack of attention, and thought it was asking a personal top ten from everyone.

Just ignore, I find the list in the first in thread post already contains enough good things to chose from, from my perspective.

Looking forward to the poll! Maybe it will motivate the devs to give in to one or another feature that is strongly demanded by the community.

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All fine - we go 10 about now. Lets do this!


Now its up to @taktik TakTik ! :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:

Perhaps you should wait a bit because it’s holidays in quite all north hemisphere and I’m not sure everybody has given its main idea. Same for results, I think you should wait september. Because for example, I’m very surprised that nobody asks for a vectorial GUI for 4K screens. I so many times read about that in these forums. Anyway, the poll is still a good idea to avoid tons of different proposals. And then, yes, we have to hope that Taktik will read the results and will take the winning proposal in consideration.

Well we made a diferent approauch here this time. Not all the endless suggestions and ideas that are floating the forums anyway BUT a short and proper Top Ten List (which we now having) so TekTik (who might be coding the update right now) can have a quick look and check if there is something on thta list which would be easy to implenemt and not causing much extra work.

A simple hopefully effektiiv way to request user requests which are also possible.

I believe that Taktiks the only Dev for this update (not a whole crew) and after reading his info on what the update will or might be like. I believe 4K and vector screening is not what he is working on and having on his own List. I believe the next Update will be a stable Version (hopefully) with some improvements and workflow optization, maybe some few new features.

But this will not be a 4.0 version with total redesign and fance new (requested) feature. He seems to have a certain way of doing and coding this thing and we should trust him on that.

Anyway - The Voting will stay open till September or even later, if that helps. Maybe we even already get something around that time. Who knows - so lets keep finger crossed and hope the best!


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If it’s just an improvement feature, my vote goes for a deep revision of the “Automation Editor”.

I must clarify that the automation itself in Renoise is magnificent. The problem here is not the “Automation”, but the “Automation Editor”, which is not the same.

If you define option 9 better, I will vote for that one. “Automation Editor” should appear in the option.


Just tried to change “You cannot change a poll after the first 5 minutes.”

I think we already ment the same anyway and Taktik also knows whaddup.

My Sidechain isl also ment “Real” SideChaining with Midi or Audio input/triggers (vst2 or 3).

@taktik should know all of this anyway anfd if really not - he could adress it it here for more infos.

Yes! oops|fly’s and mine voices count 1% more than yours. Edit: Pfft. :smile:

Wtflol…Must be special mojo because of epic forum lurkerness…

But wtf again: look who voted for timestretch…omg is this a sign…

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There’s another one for timestretch! ME! Whoohoo!!!

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Would vote for parallel routing, but I’m not sure if a parallel container device is the best way of implementing it. Too bad it was specified in that way.


‘fix vibrato, tremelo and autopan pattern effect commands so that they cycle in time’ is the most important…

if the foundations are crooked, the roof beams will be crooked

after that a ‘toggle on/off’ button

This worked much better then I tought out first. So we will get the undo/re mute/solo thingy? :smile:

“Selection in Matrix” please to be added to the advanced editor



Also the content mask area could easily use two columns.


Or like this, so “Song” actually also means matrix, if you choose selection.

select multiple samples from the sample list or instruments from the instrument list to drag and drop to folder outside renoise for export.

sample aliasing for symetrical pad or keyboard drum setups

lines and ticks as measurments into sampler modulation envelopes, lfo etc…

semitone markings in sampler modulation pitch envelopes and scale which goes to 1.2 / 1200 instead of 1 / 1000 (12 semitones per octave)

increase maximum maximum number of instruments from 256 to infinite.

include option to number the instrument list in decimal

fix vibrato, autopan and tremelo pattern effect commands so that they cycle in time

add a toggle on/off button above ‘oneshot’ button

include option to change volume of metronome

improvements to automation lanes, different curves (tangent handles?)

trigger blocks from pattern matrix like clips in ‘live’

combination audiotrack / midi tracks (normal renoise patterns could be placed into audio tracks and moved around, like sunvox)

automatic glide / portamento

more complete reference for keyboard shortcuts in the manual

groove/swing sliders to show actual groove/swing percantage rather than maximum 100%, probably max 75%…to align groove patterns from other software or hardware, once having been sampled into renoise more easily

tuplets calculator / space notes evenly tool to be incorporated into renoise itself

waveform generator tool to be incorporated into renoise itself

a simple native synth…only simple waveforms and maybe simple 2op or 4op Fm

option to change colours of samples assigned to keys in keyzones, like the ‘change background colour’ of tracks

clearer semitone colour offset in keyzones

option to highlight first note of every octave clearly (12 keys) or first note of every ‘padbank’ for pad drummers (every sixteen keys), or whatever number of keys

crossfade between two or more samples assigned to one key in keyzones without using multiple tracks

click and drag up down on any value in pattern to increase decrease

more than one instance of renoise sync and crossfade between them without other software
(for live renoise sets)

‘everything displayed in decimal’ option?

Not sure if TakTik will or wants to read all of this (even maybe good ment) @Garrett_Wang :roll_eyes:

No Chat please

@EatMe Very good and maybe simple to add suggestion in my opiuim!

I also had a small further idea which is:

increased Song-Tempo from 16,8,4 (not sur how low this could go 0?) for more special effx or extreme slow downs and then resample them. I think 32Bpms can be limiting a bit sometimes.