:angry: i got my hand smacked in a car door and had to get surgery, so i have this big ass cast on my arm. my roommate calls me lobster boy now! i can’t track! it suuuuuccckkksss!!!

so i felt the need to remind you guys… WATCH YOUR HANDS!!! you might not think about it now, but once you are siting in front of the computer trying to make a track with one hand, you’ll get it. man i cant wait to get this thing off so i can get to work on some tracks! :drummer: i keep trying, but no avail. at least i can dj sets in live with a controller. oh yeah… another one is DON’T PISS WOMEN OFF!!! …you will learn the hard way.

Taktik should implement speech-recognition tracking mode for all the handicaps.

that would be fresh! i thought about trying to map my shortcuts so i could track with my right hand, but i think ill just wait till the cast is off.

Infact don’t have an accident at all. I used to skate alot and about 4 years ago I managed to break my ankle and snap all three ligaments, I had to stay in bed for three months (to get the ankle grow back together) following two months of walking with crutches and exercises to stretch the completely stiff ligaments, it was pure hell. Luckily all is back to normal now although I am just too afraid of skating now.

PS:And before you ask, because of the pain I didn’t do any music in that time. It really hurt like hell.

yeah they gave me a big jar of oxycodone which was nice while it lasted… :D
i got doner tendons put in there and a bunch of screws and a little metal plate. I kinda like the idea that I have metal and other peoples body parts in me. i feel like a franken-cyborg.

Well, you will have fun in the future at any airport or other place with a metaldetector. :)

Persian proverb:

One who is stung by a snake fears a black and white rope!

Another proverb:

The only thing one should break is a beat.

i’m sorry Louis, but why am i not surprised that you broke a bone?

you gotta tone down your lifestyle man… otherwise you’re gonna die early :( all i know about is the stuff you’ve posted on here, but i’m sure you have other crazy capers too. you worry me, you worry me!!!

@ dj io

dont regret things that you have done, regret things that you have missed out! :P

but i sort of agree with you on this one :)

anybody seen the movie “Its All Gone Pete Tong”? :)

ofcourse. great one.

Are you implying that some woman deliberately smashed your hand in the car door? If so, charge & sue her ass!!! That kinda shit’s just not kosher at all.

yeah, only too bad it was fake :)

@ botB: :yeah: :walkman: i agree!

@ dj lo: i agree about calming down… i think this was my direct karma for a fight i got into with my buddy. about 3-4 months ago me and my friend got in a fight>>>> long story short, he punched me in between my eyes while i wasn’t looking, so i went off the handle and broke his jaw in three places, he had to get his jaw screwed back together and was wired shut for 9 weeks. i bought him a juiceman machine (you know the one on the infomercials :lol: ) and ended up taking care of him for a while. man it was a blood bath. i guess one good screw deserves another. whats crazy is we were back to being the best of friends within days! the story is pretty crazy… too much to post with one hand. the fight broke out in front of a restaurant while people were eating on the patio. He broke my nose and gave me two black eyes- i looked like a raccoon for a couple weeks. we now both agree that we would whoop more ass as a team. i gained a little respect for him after that.

@byte-smasher: i don’t want to sue her. i love her. :) we actually just made up the best way last night if you know what i mean ;) plus i got mad and smashed her windshield on her car right after (after the fight, not the make up). to be honest im not sure if it was the window or the car door that did it. :unsure: the way it was broken leads me to believe car door. i paid for her windshield and she has been paying my copay fees at the hospital, and plus i don’t want to deal with court. i have such a record i don’t think a judge would give two f****s about my petty hand case :wacko:

Loius i suggest you to be more calm, dont loose your composure…

Of course i dont know what exactly happend and whatnot, but it seems to me that you can get yourself into serious troubles and ruin your life over that. its not worth it.

be cool!

Strange auto-biography!