mp3 & xrns

wobbling dubstep ethereal likeness using vst plugins mda jx10 and albino 3.
-editted for composure.

Nice and chilled out, weird beat pattern, I can dig this, nice one!

Thanks1 :)

pretty good

i picked it back up again, and am working on an extension to it.


“kinetakalist riddim” -> must have been a lot of work to do the beat pattern, but I miss the melody :(
“Deadman Rawkin Versus The Super808” -> FUNKY! makes me think of this one party I danced so hard to d’n’b I couldn’t walk the next day. Can’t say if there was also a good amount of beer involved…
“likeness-04-01” -> you like this “yoooeaah!”, don’t yoeah?!? :) It’s funny. Couldn’t hear that all the time, but it has a relaxed, yet heartbeat appealing, wobbling niceness… I hope, you get what I mean. Makes you feel calm, but moving at the same time.

Greetz, Chris

siiick mate! choped amens, rasta style.