Hi all, I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out - see what ya think.

I’m not the most skilled audiophile / mix engineer but think I did a reasonable job on this through headphones. Would really appreciate any feedback / tips from someone with a decent set of monitors and a bit of mix know-how though…



PS. May contain traces of Metal - WHOA YEAH!! :yeah: :guitar: :drummer: :yeah:

I can’t give you any input about the finer aspects of the mix but I can say that everything sounds fine to these ears. I’m on headphones too though.

This is one quality track. The overall structure of the track is effective and the parts lead into each other well. The string quartet kind of riff is awesome and I think its a natural partner to the d’n’b drumming. Nice blippy kick. And then the metal section is a very interesting kind of texture to brush up against the sweetness of the strings. Great ornamentation to the acoustic guitar part after 2:00 and the fret noises give character. Overall, top marks!

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated! I’ve since given this and my previous track the Ozone 4 treatment and it seems to have done wonders for the output and clarity, so I have deleted the originals and uploaded the new ‘mastered’ versions.

Well, this sounds very good to me!

Not my style of music usually, but a great composition! :) I just think it needs the bass turning up!

Yeah, I agree with the fact that the track is lacking some bass. Other than that, amazing composition. :o

Cheers for listening guys, I’ll give the low end a bit of a boost as suggested! :walkman: