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I think it is a saw-like cycle with high frequencies distortion filter

I’d layer a square (50% volume) with a saw 5th (100% volume) and then route it through a distortion (overdrive) and afterwards through an oldschool guitar amp. Add a lowpass filter to the synth sound with high resonance (>50%). Maybe add a detuned 2nd OSC to the saw. Adjust the filter envelope to your needs. Should pretty much do the job.

Is Renoise capable of layering sounds or must I get a synthesizer for that? Yeah, I’m really new to this.

You can easily draw those waveforms with the mouse in the sample editor. Make 2 (or more) samples in the same instrument, and overlap them on the keyzone display, simple as that. Then for the rest of the effects, use track DSP’s on the track(s) where you’ll be using this instrument.

Yes, Renoise can layer samples. You can find out about this in the sample section of the instrument settings.

Here’s a download with my approach on that sound. The setup uses pretty much, what I desribed before, with a few changes.

Download XRNS

I recommend to try setting the high- and lowcut filters to Butterworth 4, if the current sound (Butterworth 8) appears too strict.

you can also use custom wave generator tool to combine simple waveforms


This is a public forum, that’s first of all used to be a reference for everyone looking for help and tips, not just a private thing. Is there a reason, why you think other people shouldn’t benefit from this thread? How is someone supposed to know, what this thread was about now?

Meanwhile I’m getting used to the fact some people lack the basic manners to say thanks, but you didn’t even respond to anyone trying to help you, about what now solved your “problem”. Instead you behave like you had posted secret private pr0n. Doesn’t make sense in any way.

There’s no need to be upset.

Can you just explain why you edited the OP to blank out all traces of the original question? You could have just put an “Update: I’ve solved the problem” at the end. Or, done nothing at all. Don’t dodge Bit_Arts’ legitimate points. He doesn’t sound upset to me, just confused and seeking some explanation.

The original question involved a link to my SoundCloud, viz. I had to upload an audio sample that I did not own. Therefore, even if the OP was not edited, the sound itself would have eventually been deleted, making the link null. Without the audio, nobody would have been able to answer my question, even though its basis has hitherto been solved.

As for “lacking the basic manners to say thanks,” my inquiry was pertaining to what HARDWARE may be responsible for the linked sound, not how I could replicate it in Renoise. But to think that I am not thankful! I don’t have to justify myself to any of you. It’d be wise to actually have some idea about a thread before coming into it to spout uninformed accusations.

There’s no need to be defensive. We just asked for an explanation, which you’ve now given.

You don’t have to justify anything, but… Please keep in mind that the community here is one of Renoise’s strengths. You might think that your original problem was quite unique, or weird, or whatever. But it’s almost guaranteed that someone else out there will eventually have the same problem. By editing/removing your original post, you have essentially denied some future Renoise user the knowledge that may be useful to them while experiencing a problem similar to yours. Fair enough, your SoundCloud link may have eventually expired, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your entire post is useless without it. You could still leave the post in tact, so that future visitors may at least benefit from the description of the problem, and then be able to follow along with the responses that followed.

I really wonder, what then answered your question here!? After my description of the required setup only, you came up with that question:

Doesn’t sound like a hardware question to me anymore. Does it to you?

Like you don’t have to justify yourself, none here is obligated to help you. Keeping that in mind could be a good idea, if you’re expecting any help for the future.

There’s a solid reason to be upset when there’s yet another pointless forum thread lying around harrassing the minds of fellow forum members. Editing a thread’s first post to blank should be illegal; it’s even more upsetting than dead links/images etc. scattered around the internet.

Now that was two minutes wasted.

As an aside, I was pretty much torn a new asshole when I made my first post which was something along the lines of ‘Wow Renoise is awesome, why are you guys always complaining about missing features, etc?’ and I was suitably chastised for voicing that opinion.

To be honest this is the first and only internet forum I have ever joined, so I did not understand basic forum etiquette, had no interest or exposure to the demoscene / trackers and did not immediately get the whole ‘community vibe’ - I just wanted a great piece of software for chopping and sequencing samples and clumsily pitched in with what I thought were appreciative sentiments, in my mind standing up for the developers in what seemed like a terminally dissatisfied community of users.

While I understand the rationale about keeping threads useful and beneficial to others I think everyone should bear in mind that new users maybe in a similar position I was and give them a break when they have obviously just come on board. I’m pretty sure that attracting new, registered users is in the interest of the whole Renoise community and I doubt that making a first impression that seasoned forum members are unwelcoming and dismissive of the uninitiated will assist in spreading the word.

Mind you, I’m still here 3 years after my baptism of fire so maybe I’m just being a pussy!

Yeah, no hard feelings to Mulnulna. Welcome to the community! Just try to leave your posts intact in the future, so that others may fully benefit from the Q/A session :)

Last edit of the topic is amazing )

Did we read the same thread? He came here on his first day, asked for help and immediately got friendly support and several suggestions from several sides and every question answered. I’d actually call that the complete opposite of being “unwelcoming” and “dismissive” to new members. The reason for this discussion is his most strange behavior afterwards and his quite dismissive reaction on critics about that strange behavior afterwards, not someone else being unwelcoming.

Turning facts into fantasy stories from the enchanted forest is neither helpful. Most times it’s a good idea to just stay with the simple facts.

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