It’s certainly cheesy. And bubblegummy.

Cheese-flavoured bubblegum?

My only real observation beyond that is that the tom lick heard at the beginning is reused too much in the same form. Even the cheesiest drummers of the era would switch it up a bit, if only to convince groupies that they were real musicians.

Nice work, i like it! :slight_smile:

Similar stuff gives an opportunity for hearing to relax from digtal overworks and experiments of all stripes. It sounds consistently and pretty. Leads pass to the guitar and sound great at the pads background. Synth bass and confident bit set the mood. I’d also like to mention the guitar specifically – it turns up the heat. 80’s atmosphere is reconstructed greatly coveting a topic. It was a pleasure to listen to this track on repeat. Great work.

haha i love it! those guitar riffs with the drum hits really take it back to the 80’s. just throw some reverbed out vocals and ur good

Guys, almost thanks to all :stuck_out_tongue: Nice creative comments here.

BTW. here is the next song: