Not entirely sure what your question is but I’ll just say how im doing my reverbs…

3 reverb buses with eqs on each.

This is so I can send tracks to either a short, medium, or long reverb. Eq i take out all the bass and quite a lot of the low mid and then recently have started taking out quite a lot of the highs.

It depends on what you’re going for, but I like to think that if you notice the reverb it’s basically too much. So just as it starts to become noticeable in the mix (as i turn up the fader) i bring it back down a bit. But for 80s synth wave you might want a bit more haha.

Nice track! What you using for your marimba/xylophone toto sounding synth?

That for the instrument plays at 1:30 (Burn The Bureau), similar to the electric piano, but I’m not sure, tell me?)


The marimba is a korg m3 instrument, kratoz, not sure what you mean, the near synth?

Lethargik, I tried this 3 reverb approach, too, but like I did it, the sounds did fit into the same room anymore. Usually I do three predelay sends before the reverb with different predelays and filter settings. Like mimic a real acoustic situation. 3 reverbs do not seem to be too realistic. But in the end only the quality of sound counts :slight_smile: will try this 3 rev approach again.

I meant a little different, a little later clarify, about your track, I would advise you to use other toms, listen as I did.


I do not understand how to make the player was in the message