Total Beginner

Hi guys ,

I’m actually trying the demo , I’m new into trackers so one thing , do you need to know all the codes for fx etc or is there a way to do it faster , I mean without typing a different code for each event ?

Sure there is. Just learn the basics first, like selecting an instrument and creating notes. Memorizing pattern-effects by heart will gain you kudos from other tracker-composers, and expand the possibilities even further, but the main thing is to get comfortable enough with the software to be able to get the ideas pinned down.

You did check out the demo songs? Part of the criteria for those songs were, that they made some use of tracker effects. Which is reasonable, but not the same as saying that a song without any effects is a bad thing.

Edit: and something often overlooked is the status bar in the lower part of the screen. It will help you a little when typing fx, by telling you which effect/parameter you are changing

No you dont need to know any effects to start.

You just need to know how to:

Insert notes, and note off.
Add/delete patterns.
Load and select instruments.

Then I think the three most useful, are like three useful basic commands.

Volume, delay and note cutoff.

Basic volume and panning slides can also be achieved in the automation editor by drawing in envelopes with the mouse.