Total Hours In Renoise For Registered Users?

Can you see how many hours you’ve put into Renoise anywhere in the registered version? My friend using the unregistered version got a popup showing his logged hours. It would be neat to see how much time I’ve spent in Renoise. :lol:


Hmm. That would be cool :) On the other hand I know that renoise runs at least 5 hours a day here. And at work, I have an unregistered renoise running for “tiny ideas” that cross my mind :) There I already have 50 hours since february :)

you are crazy :(

Indeed. I’ve used renoise probably less than 5 hours during the last month. Lack of inspiration I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

It sometimes (most of the time) runs minimalized. There are some loops running and if I have any idea, i can go into renoise and tune that in :)