Total Newb Question

I have just started using Renoise a few days ago, having graduated from FamiTracker. The only problem I am having so far is that when I try to play back my song it just loops the first pattern. I am sure I just clicked a button that I shouldn’t have, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to make it automatically advance to the next pattern. Thanks in advance for any help.

Check the transport panel. On top left of the window. The button next to play button is the “Pattern Loop” button. Make sure it’s not pressed.

Read more on transport panel here

Also, make sure you have not clicked the little box in pattern sequencer, this enables looping for the specified pattern:

Read more on Pattern Sequencer here

haaaaa i used to have this problem too when i started using Renoise, spent a lot of time trying to figure out what button i accidentally pressed. i think in the end i just removed the keyboard shortcut for that function, seeing how i never used it anyway.

[center]yEAH it IS a total n00b queston bud (I think we have all had this one =P) however dont fret man… one thing i’ve learnt abt this place is that we wont make fun of ya or laugh at your n00b-dom. The way I look at it, because how trackers are in general, there’s ALWAYS something to learn so we’re all n00bz in some way (I’m in the process of mastering patternstyle for shitz and gigglez ;)) =D Welcome to the club bud!!! And have a fucking amazing stay ;)


Turns out I had click on one of those little grey boxes and it was looping it. Thanks all for the help and warm welcome! Much appreciated!