Total sampling beginner

I would like to sample one sound from a KORG microStation synth. I have created a New Sample 01 whichshows in an instrument slot. The MIDI mapping is out to the KORG synth, so when I click on a Renoise keyboard note I hear a sound, a and a vertical yellow line quickly passes accross the sample screen. The synth stereo audio is plugged on jackd’s capture 7 and 8. There’s no Renoise audio input ports to choose from. How do I get the actual audio into the sampler ?

  • thanks.

Does this mean that Renoise has no audio input capabilities ? If so, then I can sample a sound using say, Ardour, save that sound as a wav file, then import it in Renoise to fiddle with and eventually assign to a MIDI note. Does that ‘sounds’ reasonable ? Is that the only way to proceed to work with samples ? - thanks for any comments/suggestions !

The first thing you need to do is setup your audio interface, if you haven’t already, from Preferences>Audio.

Once that is done, there are 2 things you can do. One, you can record straight into the sampler. Click the sampler tab and make sure you’re in the “waveform” section. At the bottom middle there’s a record button. You can choose L, R, or L+R, among other options. You might want to just record a sample to mangle, or you might want to record a riff/performance. If the latter, you’ll probably want to enable the metronome and precount under options, and choose pattern sync from the sample recorder window you opened by clicking record. Then choose start, hit play, and after the precount record your performance.

The other thing you can do is on a track, insert a Line Input device, found under routing. Using midi return mode, you can program the notes you want to play into the pattern editor.