Totally Native 3 Oscillator "Subtractive" Synth

Hey guys! try this out, mess around expand on it.

The synth can use either the inaudible offset (instrument 00) or any other instrument you please. Strictly speaking a mono synth
mess around with the all of the send levels to see what they do!

I guess it’s semi modular? (you can reroute the modulation)


Shame you can never get the hard sync sounds easily with Renoise native.

too right :(
Oh well…
Unless you were to set LPB and bpm to a million and use the LFO controlling reset on another controlling DC offset and play by speeding BPM up and down :wacko:

Can you upload it to megaupload or Renoise resources?
I cant download it from filefactory (or explain me how do you do please : )