title track: Touch


cover art and lyrics only

.zip file of all songs, with lyrics and cover art


a missleading intro.

nice guitar and vocals.

nice vintage feel. :)

I think the ending is more fitting than the intro.

previously, the intro was actually a separate chord progression. the song goes 1543 (in ‘natural minor’).

the former intro was something like 13467235612457134672

due to popular demand, the intro was shortened, and uses 1543 instead of the previous sequence. the ‘melotronizer’ is elektrostudio tapetronic. love the ‘bias’ control!

also, i’ve updated:

battle in seattle: more volume on vocals; better dialed in the ‘groove’ between guitar/drums.

unemployment blues: more volume on vocals

also, the embedded mp3 pictures now vary between each song.

jukebox upload finished…beginning upload of .zip file…


(bonus fawm track: collaboration with cts: )