I’m breaking this off from the OSC discussion, as it’s been almost 2 weeks and this thing has finally deeply irritated me. :( Some of this is directly related to the way touchOSC sends it’s messages.

in the manual

it states;

“all values sent and received are Boolean, Integer or Floating Point in the range of 0 to 1.”

and that’s about all it says… …ass <_<

so what I get out of that is that an action in renoise needs to interpret the values being sent from touchOSC as “0.00, 1.00” & “0, 1” along with;

It doesn’t say anything about strings, so I’m assuming it doesn’t allow them

The message pattern is always a number then the object with a number like

and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t send type tags, which is going to no matter what, be rejected by renoise.
unless of course we use puredata or another mode of translation in between like some form of OSC routing lua script to interface renoise with dumb apps and devices.

I’m preplexed.