Hello everyone!
I have an android tablet and TouchOSC on it, and i want to make it work with Renoise over USB.
I do follow manuals, but it seems that touchosc does not recognise the host, while i have touchosc bridge ruuning and mapped in Renoise.
Port is 8000.

Any ideas why this is not working for me?

The port is 8000, but how is the transmission protocol? Is it TCP or UDP?
And how are the messages sent? OSC main branch in the messages should at least start with /renoise

@vV: TouchOSC bridge is a software that convert outgoing messages to MIDI, so it’s not actually being used as an OSC device

@ror6ax: I have not tried the bridge myself, as I have been using TouchOSC as an OSC device via Duplex. Have you tried this approach?
If you know about Duplex already, and it doesn’t fit your particular purpose, I will try to install the bridge and see if I can make it work here :slight_smile: