Toybox - Metabolic Catharsis
Hello there people new track i made under my side alias toybox,im not up on genres these days so if someone could tell me what genre this is id really appreciate it,id call ittech house r sumthing,cheers LuNg :ph34r:

Cmon dudes anybody know the genre?

Mhhhh I guesss… “Lounge minimal to techno-house” ? Nice track BTW!

Seriously?the reason im asking is i want to sell some tracks and there gonna be the same kind of vibe

it sounds like modern techno to me, can also be tagged as minimal techno too i suppose. good luck selling your music, i would look into selling licenses to use it in commercial projects, i say this because most techno fans dont have to pay for quality techno with all the great techno free on netlabels and great mixes via online streaming.

oh btw, if you mix your music in 5.1 surround for audio dvds you might have a better time selling it to techno fans. i’m pretty sure the last time i actually paid for techno was buying richie hawtin’s transitions 5.1 album on dvd and its great, id probably buy more techno in 5.1 surround

Thanks for the feedback!Its not just techno that has suffered from piracy i would add.Also with the rise in popularity of sites such as bandcamp and beatport,itunes e.t.c. i would argue that there is still a worldwide gigantic market that is there to be tapped into by the everyday musician via the internet,i think its a period of huge change in the music industry and i personally have a very optimistic view of this.Wish me luck! :ph34r: