Toybox Modular Anyone?

Man, I love the Toybox modular blocks, need to hook em up with Renoise soon!

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Do you use a lot of Reaktor blocks with renoise? does it work well?

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They do, I have a bunch of earlier videos with that setup. Highly recommend you test it!

Those sound really good! I like the second one

One thing that I can’t really do well is automation with Reaktor Blocks Racks, which is my preferred way of using Blocks, meaning the wires are visible. I can automate within Reaktor, but if I want to automate the cutoff knob of my Blocks filter, for example, I don’t see it as an option. What I do see in Renoise’s Instrument Automation device is numbers P001, P002, P003, etc. One of those is the cutoff but I have to do trial and error to findout which one it is.

The other weird thing about using Reaktor Blocks Rack within Renoise is that the sound seems to come out of the Master when it’s a self-playing patch. If it’s a traditional synth patch that’s on Renoise’s track 2, for example, then it responds to the sequence that I put into track 2, and the sound comes from track 2 and it mutable. The self-playing patches play through the Master channel and don’t respond to muting.

Can you help me!!??!!?? I’m sorry for writing so much, especially if you’re the only one reading this, but I’d really like to get this figured out. I just recently switched to using Renoise from using Live for some years.

In response to Toybox, I have the free pack and it’s really good. I didn’t buy the others but I did buy the Rack version of Euro Reakt. Also very good.

For what it’s worth, I solved one of my Reaktor Blocks problems by using a tool called Track Plugin Parameters. Now I can automate any knob. Still not sure about the master channel audio…

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Sorry I haven’t replied, guess I used modulation in Reaktor and never had an issue, it’s been a while since I tested, I think you can define what channel you want Reaktor to go thru… I’ll look at this next time I work them both, have any music to share?

All the best!!