Tr2n (tron 2) Thread

Scroll down on this page to see a (very bad quality) Tron 2 trailer:

Jeff Bridges seems to make a return. Also, Daft Punk is confirmed to score the music, good choice i’d say, even tough i’m not their n°1 fan.

All i can say for now is “Hells Yeahs!”.

IMDB linky:

So finally, after 29 years a new epic…
It was a great classic when i saw it back in the 80’s…

Has it been that long already? Ugh…i’m getting old.

I liked the movie, although I thing it is overrated and somehow boring. But as a true geek I am gonna watch tr2n of course… :)


man, i really hope they don’t make it like a schwartznegger or newer james bond movie. hence i didn’t write film because of course newer james bond is not film, at all. Film is about atmosphere, and Tron had Loads of it. that scape of infinite space and odd quiet (which was totally wrong being as DSP is noisey as hell!) though you must look at the time it was created, when futuristic art was at it’s prime. The atmosphere and scape in Tron was very avant garde in that respect, but still a movie made by disney.

so yeh i’m completely bias about this, Tron is still one of my most favorite movies!!
in this last election i personally voted for TRON.

The fact that Jeff Bridges makes a reapearance in this film, sporting a semi-“DUDE” beard makes it worth it alone :yeah:

If you like movies with atmosphere…

You should definately try Mirrormask
I like the whole Salvador Dali style of art that has been brought to live in it… (also got it advertised to make it part of art study projects in several art/theatre/film universities)

I wonder if there’s “white russian” in cyberspace. Or bowling? Or Iron-Man-Suits?

I have this, I just haven’t watched it fully through, curious though as I was just at the Salador Dali Museum in St Petersburg Florida. :)

Daft Punk ‘Derezzed’ video.

Here’s k1d_w01fman’s version

How many years??? How did I get so old. So if the new movie is overrated and not as good as they say it is, it must be a perfect remake! Daft Punk are overrated and not as good as they say they are (well, that’s what THEY say…)

Got to see this. Now if they would just remake the Conan movies…

I saw the trailer for Tron 2 when I was in the theater a few months ago and just couldn’t believe it. When I saw that they had even gotten Jeff Bridges to restar in it I couldn’t help but laughing out, which got me a few stares.
Man I hope they’re also going to make sequals for Logans Run, Rollerball, Westworld and other epitomes of cheesy and now dated sci-fi. Maybe even Metropolis 2: Moloch Returns.

Has anyone played or playing Tron Evolution yet?
I forgot to pre-order it and now I’m having a rough time finding it in the brick and mortars.

i wonder if tronguy will be at the premiere??? :>> he’s just too awesome!