Track / Block "Merge" feature

Pattern Editor Window:

An additional Track / Block “Merge” feature would be very useful (in addition to the Cut / Copy / Paste features already present). Ideally this would allow you to copy the contents of one Block / Track overtop of another track in the pattern without erasing the contents of the destination track. There is one specific application for this feature and it applies to bringing in old modules from FT2 and other trackers without NewNoteActions. I use a lot of pads / strings in my songs and the only way to have them progress smoothly in old trackers was to alternate tracks when triggering a new note. But the NNA’s in Renoise make this unnecessary and undesirable, because the application of effects / track automation becomes more complicated with multiple tracks. I’m using Renoise quite a bit to improve the production quality of older material created in FT2, and find myself spending a lot of time re-entering notes to get everything in one channel. The suggested Merge feature would be highly practical in this situation. (Left Ctrl + M)??

What do other users think of this?

It’s a good idea (and have been mentioned before), but if I understand you right what you describe is easily accomplished today in 1.2: expand the first track of the chord to the number of notes you need, then copy each note column instead of track from the other chord tracks. The shortcuts for this are ctrl+shift+fX.

Thankyou Martinal. I wasn’t aware of the chord functionality.

I’ve been playing with the chord feature and it’s working great! (for chords)

But in terms of note progression within a track, you don’t usually want multiple columns for things like basslines, drums, etc, because the NNA’s takes care of the “new note cuts off previous note” problem that forced people to use multiple tracks in FT2.

I can still see room for the feature I described above for instances when you want to combine the notes from multiple tracks into one track. A simple modification of the Cut/Copy/Paste code that simply ignores the empty spaces between notes would be ideal.

As mentioned previously, I’m heavy into editing some older tracks that run in excess of 7 minutes (with the tracker running at double the default speed), so that is a LOT of cutting and pasting I’m doing to take advantage of Renoise NNA functionality.

Any hope of seeing this as a feature?

Thanks again,

Could one of the developers speak to this?

i think a modification to the block-selection is really useful … a selection shouldn’t apply on the whole track / all collumns … only one note-column and/or volume/pan and / or the effect-collumn … all selectable separate with the mouse … so it’s simple to copy everything u want … and the rebuilding of old tracker-songs to the renoise-column-system is easier