Track Bouncer

i think it would be a good idea to bounce a track or a group of tracks to disk in mp3 or ogg as a ‘temporarily rendered’ track. then that group of tracks become ‘read-only’, as the partially rendered stream will take over while you continue to make music. so any vsts used in those tracks doesn’t take any cpu time anymore - good cpu saver :) you still can visualise them in the oscilloscopes… maybe in different colour.

of course, if you change or modify the contents of the tracks, you can hit a button to bounce again, etc. the bounced track must be beatsync-ed, then.

is this a new idea, i wonder?

No :)…364e39895225d83

Has been discussed in other threads aswell but couldn`t find them quickly for you at the mo. This will be a good feature tho and you will see in the above thread is on the todo list.