Track Color

After fiddling with Kristal I just realized how useful (and not mention how more fun) it is to simply give a waveform (or track) its own color!

This is useful for a better overview, and should really not be too hard to implement. No? Imagine, today you’d want to make a PINK track. Maybe some other day you’d prefer to make a black track? Oooh, does that sound cool! :P

Oh, and for the color variations to work, the text color should automaticly change to some opposite color of the one selected for the track. For best visibility.

Brilliant idea! Being able to pick a color for your track would really help set it’s mood, and would be particularly useful for remembering compo tracks while voting.

Hmm, if I win the next Renoise comp, unlikely as that is, I’m going to ask for this feature :D

That would give you much much better overview.

Pattern colors for the arranger would also be great.
Better than names because it would be much quicker and take less space.
You wouldn’t have to expand the pattern sequncer.

Or if you could name several patterns at once, and then have Renoise automtically add 01, 02 etc after or before the name.