Track Comments

Basically, for each track, there is information for it, like so:

Not an amazing mock-up, but it works.
As you can see, each track has a short summary in addition to the title. (The info doesn’t float with you when you scroll down; it stays put, possibly off the top of your screen.)
There is also basic info on the song, so you don’t have to open up the song comments.

How would the text react when you scroll down the pattern? Does it stay there or follow?

For now you can maybe try TrackPAD to keep notes in tracks. The ZIP also has an OSX version:

could be a useful idea i guess, i usually do with the track names, i find that they give me enough room for info on a particular track…
if this would be implemented, i’d like the comments to be collapsable. no need to have them distract you all the time.

It stays there. The text is also displayed at the bottom. There are plenty of other features as well as the ones I mentioned that could be possible.

An idea could be to make the track name able to receive multiple lines, and then add an expandable button next to read more than the first line (which would be the track name).