Track Comments

I know this has been discussed before, such as in this thread but all previous suggestions seem quite messy.

Coming back to old songs I have thought of two ways I feel it could fit quite nicely into Renoise.

Firstly, as most of us are now using monitors with quite a high resolution, it could utilise the space left blank in the Song Properties tab. To the right of the Template Song box you would have an area which you can write in and it is specific to the track you are in, including Sends and Master (debatable if Master should show Song Comments.)

Second method would be to have it as a Meta device. Load it in the DSP Chain, type your notes in it, Minimise it so that it doesn’t take up much space unless you want to refresh your memory as to the notes you’ve left yourself. This would even allow multiple Notes per Track, so if you wanted to put some detailed ones for specific effects in the same chain it would be possible without having one huge note.

Either way I think could fit quite nicely into Renoise and hopefully make things easier for a fair few people.

it seems like a strange place for notes at first, but i kinda like this idea. i once suggested the ability to set DSP fx names (instead of ‘distortion(3)’ stuff like that), but i would accept this ‘notes’-effect as a solution. you could just make a description of the chain.

Know what you mean it seems a little weird at first but I think it does kinda fit in with Renoise. Expandable either in Mixer view of DSP Chain so accessible when working in most areas, should be very simple to create meta-device and fits the semi-modularity of the overall environment.